Rising Damp Control

Is your building made of brick or stone? The chances of rising damp can be high. To learn more on our environmentally-friendly methods, contact K & L Damp Proofing.

A Moisture-free Property!

If you have observed tide marks on the walls of your building or if the skirting boards are showing signs of decay, these are symptoms of rising damp. Painting the area is a short-term solution, however, it is important to resolve the issue as soon as possible to prevent further damage. We can provide long-lasting solutions to suit your property. For professional assistance in identifying rising damp issues, speak to a member of our team today.

Reliable Procedures

  • Removing existing plaster

  • Drill holes in the motar bed

  • Injecting chemical solutions

  • Re-plastering using renovation plaster

Damp on wall

Long-term Guarantee

If you observe any kind of rising damp symptoms, just let us know. Once we visit your property, we will conduct a complete check and identify potential rising damp issues. We can also provide a free quote and appropriate treatment. Our team will complete the job as soon as possible and will ensure to clean up after we are done.

We use a 4 step procedure to combat rising damp

damp between flooring and wall

1: Signs of rising damp

gap in the wall

3: Chemical injection to mortar bed

stripped wall and floors

2: Hack off plaster

stripped wall

4: Replaster

Rising damp control at K & L Damp Proofing in Hull