Wet Rot Treatment

We can help identify the source of moisture to prevent wet rot and take the necessary steps to keep your property dry at all times. Contact K & L Damp Proofing.

Protecting Your Property From Wet Rot

Wet rot is usually found in timbers that have become damp. Sometimes, a high level of water ingress can cause the timber to decay. Finding the cause as soon as possible is vital to ensure the issue does not persist. To help with this, you can rely on our experts at K & L Damp Proofing. We serve in Hull, Beverley and the surrounding areas for commercial and domestic properties.

How We Treat Wet Rot

  • Identifying the source of moisture

  • Drying surrounding areas of infestation

  • Cutting the infected timber

  • Replace with treated timber

  • Spray existing timber

Damp proofing living room
Identifying wet rot

Identifying Wet Rot

There are two types of wet rot; brown and white. Depending on the type of wood, the effect can vary. To understand which kind of wet rot has affected your property and to begin with the necessary treatment, feel free to speak to a member of our team at K & L Damp Proofing. You can rely on us for dry rot treatment as well.

If you are looking for wet rot treatment, feel free to speak to us.