Efficient Woodworm treatments

Are you worried about the woodwork in your property? Keep it free of all types of beetles with the reliable services from our experienced team at K & L Damp Proofing.

Prevent Damage with Woodworm Control

Insects that find themselves in the wooden structures of a property are referred to as woodworm. The damage caused can vary from a small patch to affecting the entire structure. This may result in the replacement of the entire beam which could prove heavy on your pocket. Established in 1987 our team has many years of experience in the trade and can solve all kinds of woodworm issues in properties across Hull and the surrounding areas.

We Are Happy To Help

  • Getting rid of the woodworm

  • Spraying insecticide

  • Helping to maintain clean timber

  • Professional advice

  • A long-term guarantee

  • A wide range of treatments

Woodworm in wood

A Woodworm-free Property

Based in Hull, we provide extensive treatments for timber decay and woodworm eradication. It is advisable to keep your property free of woodworm to avoid any kind of damage. Ensuring to maintain a clean and dry property at all times is a good way of keeping these insects away. For more tips, get in touch with us today.

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